Posted by on October 23, 2018

We all love our kids. As much as possible, we don’t want any harm to come to them. Even when they are with a simple headache or cold, we will right away panic as it might escalate into something bad. Yes, that is how almost all parents are thus it is understandable if even a doctor’s prescription will be properly scrutinized by a parent who has a child with ADHD.

Are you having the same problem? Do you have a child with ADHD? Most of the time, if you will bring your child to a doctor for this particular mental disorder, he will prescribe Adderall or Ritalin. Both medications are the most used when it comes to this disorder. But since there are more negative side effects with Ritalin, doctors usually prefer Adderall over it.

But the thing is, though Adderall is already an FDA approved, doctors are still warned about prescribing this though some still insist. Being the parent, it is your call if you will have your vulnerable child take such stimulant. That is right, Adderall is a drug and a stimulant. It means that it is addictive and as a matter of fact, more and more teens are taking it without prescriptions. It means they are using this drug for other reasons.

When it comes to a child with ADHD, there are other means to help him and one of that is to have him take natural Adderall instead. They are safer and you will have peace of mind. At the same time, you can also contribute in assisting him by digging more about ADHD. That way you will learn how to help him and why he is doing what he will be doing in the latter days.

Yes, we love our kids thus we should not let them take something that will put them to a great risk.

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